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Using PhenQ a person can remove large amount of fat content from his body. The effects can be seen when a person starts using PhenQ. This medicine is very efficient and fast. It helps in suppressing the appetite of a person and controls his food habits thereby reducing fat from his body. By the use of PhenQ energy levels are increased. It does not make people ill and do not have any side effects like other weight reduction techniques.

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Tabata Interval Training

Tabata interval training is based on the Tabata protocol. Basically it is a type of ultra high intensity training, whereby the workout is split into intervals of all out maximum effort exercise.

When I explain this type of training to people I never seem able to get across exactly how intense these sessions are. When I explain the procedure, some even laugh at how easy it sounds!

Let’s see what you think…

The Tabata protocol stipulates 8 ultra high intensity intervals of 20 second duration, interspersed with 10 seconds of complete rest. So that’s a 20 second interval, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and so on for 8 high intensity intervals.

And that’s it!

Do you think Tabata training sounds easy too? If so, then I challenge you to have a go yourself. When you’ve finished reading this article, take a look at the Tabata squats video and then tell me what you think.

Tabata interval workouts are similar to HIIT training, which I am a big fan of and write about often. The benefits of interval training are numerous. Intervals can be used to supplement traditional longer endurance sessions as they help to increase aerobic capacity (VO2 Max) even though these intervals cross into the anaerobic threshold.

Probably the main reason this type of high intensity training has become so popular in recent years is that interval training is a fantastic fat burner! It super charges the metabolism for 24 to 48 hours post workout, so you are continually burning calories at an elevated rate throughout this period. It has unbelievable fat burning potential!

Adding Tabata Intervals and HIIT Training to your fitness plan

The original research for the Tabata protocol was carried out on cyclists, but the method has become widely used for any exercise. Which makes this method of training so versatile.

For example, I mentioned the Tabata squats above, but my personal favourite is the Tabata burpees. This is an absolute killer workout. After 4 minutes of this, you’ll be begging for mercy.

Why not experiment yourself? You could try Tabata sprints, either on foot, in the pool, on the bike, or the rowing machine. Or just choose another bodyweight exercise.

See what I mean about this method of exercise being versatile?

But keep it varied. You don’t want your body getting used to any particular exercise. Switch exercise every time you perform the Tabata protocol. It’ll help keep your motivation high, too.

For other ideas, and to add more variety into your fitness plan, take a look at the list of free workout plans. Use them or modify them as you wish. If you think you can make any workout better, or have your own workouts you think will benefit the home fitness community, then include your workouts here.

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Some Myths And Facts About Weight-Loss Supplements

These days, everyone is trying to lose weight. This makes perfect sense, given that the United States has a huge problem with obesity. Not only that, but the kind of food that the U.S. has doesnt help anything. The U.S. has a huge amount of processed food, which only serves to cause even higher rates of obesity.

This has created a huge market for fad diets and diet supplements. Unfortunately, due to the regulations in the United States, companies can put nearly anything they want into a weight-loss supplement, even if it doesnt work. They dont get into any trouble until enough people sue them, and it can sometimes be far too expensive to sue people.

This leads to a lot of misinformation about weight-loss supplements, and a huge number of myths. This is unfortunate, because there are some weight-loss supplements that can actually be worthwhile. Or at the very least, they can be healthy to use. But because of the misinformation, people get the wrong idea about how theyre supposed to work and what theyre supposed to do.

First and foremost, there is no supplement that will make you lose weight without doing any work. If the supplement promises that your pounds will melt away, chances are its a lie. The human body evolved to retain weight as a survival method. Even when a person is literally dying of starvation, they dont lose weight as fast as some supplements claim to work.

The CDC defines healthy weight loss as one to two pounds a week. Depending on your own biology, you can sometimes lose a few more and be healthy, but any more than that and you run the risk of your body going into shock. This can cause all manner of damage to your internal organs, and actually make you more likely to put on extra weight when you start eating healthy again.

Secondly, any weight loss supplement that claims to give you more energy is likely utilizing caffeine. It will make a huge number of claims about the special, proprietary formula, but by and large its simply using the same stuff that coffee and energy drinks use. Anything more powerful tends to be frowned upon by the Food and Drug Administration.

These are some basic facts about weight-loss supplements that you should keep in mind. So take care when youre looking at some great new supplement that promises to help you lose weight.

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How to Lose a Stone Fast

Sometimes we need to lose a stone fast. It might be a wedding coming up, or your summer holidays, or you just want to get the ball rolling and feel good about yourself.

Well the only true way to weight loss is calorie deficit. This means that you need to consistently burn more calories than you consume through your food, so that your body has to make up the difference by eating in to your fat stores.

To ensure you are in calorie deficit, you have three main methods.

How to lose a stone fast through calorie deficit

Of the three main methods of calorie deficit, the most obvious is to restrict your calorie intake to lose weight.

It is a no-brainer that you have to cut out your junk foods, such as chocolate, crisps, cake, sweets, fizzy drinks, and the like. Or at least severely reduce your intake to at least the occasional treat. You can drink zero calorie drinks, but normal fizzy drinks are a killer for any diet.

Then you need to reduce your intake of starchy foods, like potatoes, pizzas, pastas, bread, rice, etc. These tend to be high in calories, and if you don’t burn off the calories throughout the day then they excess will only be turned in to and stored as fat.

Next up is to increase your NEAT. Don’t like acronyms? Me neither, but it stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, so NEAT is a little better!

It basically refers to all the calories you can burn simple by moving around. It amounts to loads, and will give your calorie deficit, and hence weight loss, a real boost.

Think of all the time you spend on the phone each day, week, or month. Now imagine how many calories you can burn by standing up and pacing the room during these phone calls opposed to sitting on you butt. You can burn up to three times the amount of calories!

What about jumping off the bus a stop or two earlier, or parking further away from the office, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking to your local shops? There are loads of ways you can increase your NEAT and burn extra calories. A load of extra calories.

And finally there is exercise. Really, if you want to lose a stone fast, then you have to add exercise to the mix. The more you do, and the more strenuous your exercise, the more calories you burn. And the more calories you burn the greater the deficit, and the quicker the weight loss.

See how to burn 1000 calories every training session to really make the most of your calorie deficit. Remember, the greater the deficit the quicker the weight loss.

Combine these methods above and you will lose a stone super fast.

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7 Summer Safe Activities to Enjoy with Elderly Parents

After a long winter that stretched into April and even May, I like many Americans am very happy to see that summer has finally arrived.  I definitely have enjoyed activities such as grilling, spending time with my daughter on her swing set and just spending time outdoors.  While these things are fun for younger family members they may not be safe for mature members of the family.  To keep the fun open to everyone here are 7 summer safe activities to enjoy with elderly parents.

Fresh Squeezed Drinks

Summer brings a lot of exciting changes, including fresh fruits and vegetables.  For one fun activity, take a trip to your local farmers market and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables, and create some fresh smoothies.  Strawberries, Blueberries, peaches and Mangoes can easily be combined into delicious drinks that all of the family can enjoy.

Manicures and Pedicures

For the mature females of the family take them to the local salon and give those fingers and toes a makeover while giving them room to breath in a new pair of summer sandals.  My daughter loves going to the Salon with mom and her Nana.  This is an activity that all generations, even those living in Madison Rehabilitation Centers can enjoy.


While badminton and volleyball may not be the best choice for all ages, Croquet is a game that can be enjoyed by generation after generation.  Growing up I enjoyed Croquet on the lawn of my grandparents house.  Croquet is a game that can be set up and played on the soft grass close to home, the game is portable so it can be taken anywhere, and it requires a minimal amount of physical movement.

Safe Height Gardening

Gardening can be a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy as the weather gets warmer in the summer months.  While traditional gardens on the ground, the best form of Gardens for a mature population is done at waist height, minimizing the need for bending down or sitting on the ground.  Using a raised garden bed, or constructing a wooden frame that’s at least 30 inches off the ground is a great way to get everyone in the family involved.

This is also a great activity to enjoy to pass down knowledge and growing techniques from one generation to the next.  Depending on the abilities of your mother or father, making jams, and canning can also be added to this activity to preserve your vegetables for years to come.

Walking Club

Walking is great way to get out in the sunshine and enjoy some low impact exercise.  Taking walks with family can also open the opportunity to talk about life and step away from the stress of work and the business of technology.

Family Driving Outings

Planning a Day trip to a nearby site to see can be a great time that the family can enjoy together.  Fun activities could include a drive to a local park to sit and relax, or something more elaborate like visiting an aquarium or a local museum.  Whatever day trip you plan, be sure to check ahead of time that there is adequate room for a wheelchair or whatever accommodations that you need.

Mini Golf

Golf is a sport that many people have enjoyed for many years.  As older generations have a harder time walking around, mini golf may be the best alternative to enjoy with younger generations, and a great way to stretch your legs in the warm summer sun.

No matter what activities you choose, be sure to check with the staff of the facility where your parents are staying to make sure that your activity is safe for your family member.

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Fast Diet health benefits

The Fast or 5:2 Diet is a popular diet fad that allows you to eat a normal diet 5 days of the week, with a fast on the other 2 days.

On these fasting days you will have to significantly lower your usual calorie intake, with only 500 calories allowed if you are female and 600 if you are male.

The fasting days do not have to be on consecutive days nor is there any restriction on what type of foods you can eat to reach this calorie limit, although it is recommended that you eat as little fat or carbs as possible on these fasting days.

What foods are recommended?

While undergoing the fast you should be consuming protein-rich foods like chicken, fish and other lean meats. You could also consume salad, low fat yoghurt or non starchy vegetables.

The reason for eating protein-rich foods is that they are slow to digest so will not release their energy too fast. Not only will this help to keep your energy levels high, but will also help to ward off those cravings that are caused by the sugar highs and inevitable crashes you will experience when eating those foods full of sugar.

For drinks water or tea is recommended, though if you add milk or sugar then this will have to be counted towards your calorie intake.

Why use the Fast Diet?

Apart from its ability to increase your metabolism there is further research that has shown the advantages of intermittent fasting.

For example in 2011 at the annual scientific session of the American College of Cardiology in New Orleans it was shown that fasting helped to trigger the production of HGH (human growth hormone), with a 1300% rise in women and a 2000% rise in men.

HGH is important for maintaining health, fitness and longevity as it can help to promote muscle growth.

Other benefits of the Fast Diet include:

Normalised insulin and leptin levels.

Prevention against disease.

Improved cognitive function.

Should you give Fasting a try?

Although the popularity of the Fast Diet is growing daily, with an ever increasing number of celebrities making claims about its effectiveness there are still doubts surrounding this diet.

For a start there is very little research on this diet, though the studies that have been performed are certainly promising.

One major issue with this diet however is that people fail to understand that you are unlikely to lose weight if you go overboard with your calorie consumption on the feast days.

For 5 days you should be eating a normal healthy diet, which should involve the consumption of protein rich foods, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable.

Unfortunately if you choose to eat a lot of junk food on these days then any benefits of the fast will be lost.

Finally as with any weight loss attempt you should always do a little exercise. Thirty minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week will do wonders for your waistline.

You dont even have to pay for an expensive gym membership if you dont want as there are plenty of home workouts or activities that can be performed for free.

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Types of Prohormones And How They Affect The Body

Prohormones can be a great way to enhance your current body building routine and help you gain muscle mass rather quickly in a safe way.  However, they are not safe for everyone, and if not used correctly, can have negative side effects.  There are many different types of prohormones available, and choosing one can be tricky.  This article will focus on the types of prohormones available and how they can affect the body.  You will learn both the positive and negative effects these different types of prohormones can have, and how they can affect you.  If used correctly, prohormones can help you build muscle and gain strength, while also increasing your endurance.

Types of Prohormones

Pheraplex- Pheraplex is used for weight gain and bulking up.  It is recommended that you take 10-30 mg of Pheraplex and drink plenty of water.

Halodrol- Halodrol is typically a more mild form of prohormone that is used to build muscle mass and strength.  Best if taken 25-75mg per day, and usually used during a cutting cycle.

Superdrol- Superdrol is known as the strongest type of prohormone. 10-30 mg is the recommended dosage and is typically used for bulking and muscle mass during cutting or bulking cycles.

4AD- This is a supplement that is fairly weak and used in conjunction with another more stronger prohormone.  For this reason, it is recommended to take 300-600 mg daily. Also, the gains are typically slower to appear with 4D, but are consistent.

M-1- This is a liver toxic supplement, used during bulking cycles at an amount of 30-90mg a day.

Epistane- This prohormone is perhaps the most popular type of prohormone on the market because it is more mild on the liver.  Take in 20-70 mg doses daily.

Positive effects of Prohormones

Of course the most positive effect of prohormones is that it allows you the ability to gain muscle mass and strength in a quicker amount of time than body building alone.  Prohormones also increase your endurance and your ability to work out for longer periods of time, which also helps in your body building process. Also, prohormones are completely legal, unlike other supplements and steroids.  Prohormones are a safe and legal way to enhance your bodybuilding routine and build strength and muscle mass.

Negative effects of Prohormones

As with any supplement you put in your body, prohormones can cause certain side effects.  This is why it is important to know and understand the possible side effects and take caution when using prohormones.  Common side effects could include acne, hair loss, gynecomastia, and testicular shrinkage.  The most common of these side effects is the acne, although it goes away after your cycle of prohormones.  Most of the side effects are caused due to the fact that your hormones are affected by the prohormones, which will typically cause some amount of change, whether great or small.

As you can see, there is much to know and learn regarding the different types of prohormones and the effects they have on the body.  Be sure to educate yourself before beginning a prohormone routine to insure that you are being safe.

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