Most professional dog groomers have taken care of their own dogs for years and offered their grooming services to their neighbors, friends and family. If you’re just like one of them, you’re probably having a good reputation in your neighborhood and you’re on your way to building a large client list. When you’re at this stage, you are only a few steps away from setting up your own business. But before you do, you should first know the pros and cons of setting up a dog grooming business.

Since any kind of business requires you to deal with clients, create a marketing plan, follow laws governing your business and understand the liabilities associated with starting up your own business, you need to be prepared. Here’s a list of pros and cons in opening your own dog grooming business so you can make an informed decision:

Friendly dogsPROS

-You don’t have to answer to an employer because you will become your own boss.

– You don’t have to wake up early in the morning and work for 8 hours. You can set up your own schedule and work when and where you want to.

– You have the power to earn more money by working overtime. Your earnings will not be limited by a paycheck.

– You control the failure or success of your business.

– You can choose your partners, employees and clients.

– Since there is no steady paycheck, cash flow can be uncertain.

– You need to complete the bookkeeping and tax paying on your own, or hire a person to do this and you have to keep him on payroll. In addition, since taxes are involved, you need to report your income to the IRS.

– To earn more money than your past paychecks, you need to work longer hours and lift heavy objects, like huge dogs and equipments.

-Not all dogs are created equal, so it is possible to face aggressive dogs and risk possible injuries. The same goes with pet owners – some can be rude or snarky.

– You will not earn a cent if you get sick, take a vacation or run for an emergency.

– If you plan to open a store, it becomes at risk of disaster, theft and other problem that may result in loss of money.

– You have to maintain an insurance coverage and bonding fees should a client sue you for injuring a dog.

Just like any other business, setting up your own dog grooming business like Prime Pooch means you will have no safety net. Your business may sink or swim. But if you feel that your love for dogs and grooming experience is worth setting up a business, then consider these pros and cons before you decide.

If you’re planning to groom dogs for a living, some people may tell you that you need to become a certified dog groomer before you can handle dogs. Contrary to this belief, you don’t have to be certified or have your own business; the only thing you need to do is hone your dog grooming skills to become a professional. Many dog groomers are self-taught; they learn the necessary grooming skills working on their own dog.

To get proper training and experience, you can attend a formal grooming school, complete short courses r be hired by an expert groomer who can teach you the ins and outs of dog grooming. The method you use developing you skills depend largely on the time and effort you put into handling dogs as well as your willingness to explore the trade. Regardless of which path you choose, a certificate can help you increase customers since it ensures you are up-to-date with the current techniques.

DiplomaA dog grooming school offers you a way to learn everything about the trade in a hands-on and organized manner within a definitive amount of time. You can choose from a set of classes to attend, aside from the basic course. Since a professional groomer will be teaching you, he can guide you throughout the course and provide you with constructive feedback, so you’ll avoid mistakes and pinpoint which areas you need to improve. After completing each lesson, you’ll earn a diploma or certification, which you can use in marketing your services.

However, not everyone decides to go to dog grooming school because most courses are expensive, though some schools provide financial aid. Dog grooming schools are not easy to find, so if there’s no school offering such classes around your town, you may have to move or take a long commute. For many people, it can be hard to attend classes while working a full time job.

Lastly, some people just avoid lectures, exams, studying and the pressure of competition.
Be aware that no training method is better than the other. If you’re serious about becoming a professional groomer, you have the option of honing your skills to be the best in the industry at a grooming school or dedicate enough time to master the techniques on your own.

If you are a first-time dog owner, you may have no idea on how to give your dog a bath. Don’t worry, it only takes several easy steps to keep your dog groomed. Here are 6 steps you can follow:

1) Prepare – One of the first things you need to do is place clean cotton balls on your dog’s ears to prevent water from infecting her ears while bathing. Place her on a tub where she can fit.

2) Water – Using lukewarm water is ideal when wetting your dog’s hair thoroughly. To wet your dog’s face, use a washcloth to avoid irritating her face.

3 dogs3) Shampoo – Choose a pH-balanced shampoo and make sure to apply shampoo while your dog’s wet to clean your dog’s anal sacs, particularly if you are planning to do include it into your grooming routine. Apply enough shampoo to lather up the coat of your dog, but avoid the face and eyes.

4) Rinse – Slide your fingers along your dog’s skin when rinsing to ensure you get all the soap out. Since soap can attract dirt, especially when it has dried up on your dog’s hair, it is important to rinse thoroughly. Failing to do so may increase your dog’s risk to mats.

5) Conditioner – Use a pH-balanced cream or conditioner for dogs to prevent tangles and make sure the coat dries out completely. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly as it can equally attract dirt as shampoo.

6) Drying – Use a clean towel and start drying your dog’s hair. Sometimes, soap can still be present, so look out for soapy water while squeezing the towel into the coat. When this happens, simply rinse the coat again.

Everyone loves a bath and even if your dog doesn’t say so, you can see after giving her a bath that she appreciates being cleaned. Once you make it a routine, it will be easier for you to give your dog a regular bath