These days, everyone is trying to lose weight. This makes perfect sense, given that the United States has a huge problem with obesity. Not only that, but the kind of food that the U.S. has doesnt help anything. The U.S. has a huge amount of processed food, which only serves to cause even higher rates of obesity.

This has created a huge market for fad diets and diet supplements. Unfortunately, due to the regulations in the United States, companies can put nearly anything they want into a weight-loss supplement, even if it doesnt work. They dont get into any trouble until enough people sue them, and it can sometimes be far too expensive to sue people.

This leads to a lot of misinformation about weight-loss supplements, and a huge number of myths. This is unfortunate, because there are some weight-loss supplements that can actually be worthwhile. Or at the very least, they can be healthy to use. But because of the misinformation, people get the wrong idea about how theyre supposed to work and what theyre supposed to do.

First and foremost, there is no supplement that will make you lose weight without doing any work. If the supplement promises that your pounds will melt away, chances are its a lie. The human body evolved to retain weight as a survival method. Even when a person is literally dying of starvation, they dont lose weight as fast as some supplements claim to work.

The CDC defines healthy weight loss as one to two pounds a week. Depending on your own biology, you can sometimes lose a few more and be healthy, but any more than that and you run the risk of your body going into shock. This can cause all manner of damage to your internal organs, and actually make you more likely to put on extra weight when you start eating healthy again.

Secondly, any weight loss supplement that claims to give you more energy is likely utilizing caffeine. It will make a huge number of claims about the special, proprietary formula, but by and large its simply using the same stuff that coffee and energy drinks use. Anything more powerful tends to be frowned upon by the Food and Drug Administration.

These are some basic facts about weight-loss supplements that you should keep in mind. So take care when youre looking at some great new supplement that promises to help you lose weight.