If you are a first-time dog owner, you may have no idea on how to give your dog a bath. Don’t worry, it only takes several easy steps to keep your dog groomed. Here are 6 steps you can follow:

1) Prepare – One of the first things you need to do is place clean cotton balls on your dog’s ears to prevent water from infecting her ears while bathing. Place her on a tub where she can fit.

2) Water – Using lukewarm water is ideal when wetting your dog’s hair thoroughly. To wet your dog’s face, use a washcloth to avoid irritating her face.

3 dogs3) Shampoo – Choose a pH-balanced shampoo and make sure to apply shampoo while your dog’s wet to clean your dog’s anal sacs, particularly if you are planning to do include it into your grooming routine. Apply enough shampoo to lather up the coat of your dog, but avoid the face and eyes.

4) Rinse – Slide your fingers along your dog’s skin when rinsing to ensure you get all the soap out. Since soap can attract dirt, especially when it has dried up on your dog’s hair, it is important to rinse thoroughly. Failing to do so may increase your dog’s risk to mats.

5) Conditioner – Use a pH-balanced cream or conditioner for dogs to prevent tangles and make sure the coat dries out completely. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly as it can equally attract dirt as shampoo.

6) Drying – Use a clean towel and start drying your dog’s hair. Sometimes, soap can still be present, so look out for soapy water while squeezing the towel into the coat. When this happens, simply rinse the coat again.

Everyone loves a bath and even if your dog doesn’t say so, you can see after giving her a bath that she appreciates being cleaned. Once you make it a routine, it will be easier for you to give your dog a regular bath